Paddle to Florence Challenge

Pool of Life launched our ‘Paddle to Florence Challenge ‘ on 1st May.  The challenge will raise funds to take us to the International Breast Cancer Paddlers Commission (IBCPC) festival in Florence in July 2018 (see here for details).  The festival is held every 4 years and this is the first time that Pool of Life will have taken a team to the event.  Teams from all over the world will be there and it will be a thrill to be involved in such a prestigious breast cancer survivors’ paddling event.

What is the Challenge? 

To paddle the virtual 2000km it takes to get from Liverpool to Florence during the 2017 paddle season May to September.  Pool of Life paddlers are asking friends and family to make donations to help this cause.

How do we achieve this distance?

Every time we get out on the water (dragonboat, O1, canoe, kayak) we’ll be calculating the distance paddled and adding this to the current total.  We are also taking a ‘paddle machine’ on tour and will be collecting donations while we clock up the kilometres on the machine.  You can track our progress on our Facebook page and we will be displaying a progress banner at the events we attend.

Raising Funds ….which is what this is all for!

The registration costs of this event amount to £6000.  We need your help to achieve this total.  Please visit

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