Who’s Who at Pool of Life?

Pool of Life is a registered charity and, as such, is managed by a committee of trustees which is elected on an annual basis  The current committee is made up of the following members:

  • Chairperson: Christine Beckwith (overall co-ordinator of Pool of Life activities and main contact)
  • Secretary: Janet keeling (plans meetings and distribute minutes & announcements)
  • Treasurer: Sheryl Lines (maintains finances, including annual submissions to Charity Commission)
  • Events Officer: Caroline Henderson (takes a lead on identifying and arranging events)
  • Fund-Raising Officer: Julie Lynan (takes a lead on fund-raising ideas)
  • Recruitment Officer: Ann Ball (takes a lead on recruitment initiatives)

We also have our own Pool of Life qualified coaches and helms as follows:

  • Janet Keeling: Coach Level 2 (inc basic helm)
  • David Holt: Coach Level 2 (inc experienced helm)
  • Linda Smith: Coach Level 1 (inc basic helm)
  • Jo Atherton: Working towards Coach Level 1
  • Sheryl Lines: Basic helm

Linda Smith maintains the Pool of Life website, so please contact her with updates and information to be included on our pages.

All members are encouraged to get involved with the day to day organisation of Pool of Life activities and to suggest new activities to enrich our calendar of forthcoming events.

If anyone has any suggestions for appropriate activities which meet our aims and objectives, please contact Christine at christineb106@gmail.com.

Pool of Life at the Dragons & Flowers charity race event, Liverpool Watersports centre, 5th may (wearing our new race tops!).

Some of our current members (racing at ‘Dragons & Flowers’ 2014)

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